Can You Use Recruiters When You Want to Change Fields?

A job-hunter wrote me that he wanted to change fields and asked if recruiters could help.

My experience is that recruiters work best placing a person in exactly the same sort of job he/she has done before. It is extremely difficult to change industries and/or functions with a recruiter. If you have strong functional credentials, e.g. a CPA, you might be able to change industries for example from a for-profit to a not-for-profit. But if you really want a career direction change, getting introductions and leads from people you know well is the most effective path

If you want to stay in your field, try contacting the recruiters in one of the Free Sample Data Files and Free Samples of our eBook Directories.

How to Use Our Data

A job-hunter who requested a sample from our Data File asked me how to use our data in her job hunt.

The best way is to send email letters to the recruiters listed in the file. Your letter should be a “teaser,” including a summary description of your background and what kind of job you are looking for. You need to give the recruiter just enough information to want to contact you, but not too much to exclude you from a current assignment.

In the end you can only expect the 10-second glance from this sort of query and the hope is that your background matches one or more of the assignments the recruiter is working to fill. Our data files are designed to make this one piece of the job search puzzle easier for you. But in the end it is a ‘numbers game.’ If you have the right credentials and a carefully crafted letter, the more emails you send out, the greater the probability of a response.

Try this with one of our Data File Samples.

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