An IT Sales professional just wrote us about our resume distribution service

Wanted to provide some feedback on the email distro …

The results have far exceeded my expectations!   Very few bounce backs (2 at most), a fair amount of “out of office” replies but plenty of connections!  I’ve opened 5 job opportunities this week which is very encouraging!  I just forwarded your website to a friend who will be starting a job search in the near future!

Great product!

I want to stay in Chicago, why should I send my resume to recruiters in Los Angeles?

A recruiter in Los Angeles or New York or Dallas or Atlanta could be working on an assignment in Chicago. The recruiter will contact you if you are a match for the assignment, regardless of location. If you are location-restricted, state that in your cover letter. But even if you cannot relocate, becoming known to recruiters who work in your field is a good job-hunting strategy.

Can recruiters help me find a job?

Job hunters need to understand that recruiters work for companies not for job-hunters. Sending targeted emails to recruiters is one piece of a job hunt and we make it very easy to send out these emails out. But like any targeted marketing campaign they depend in part on serendipity. The mailings are done with the intent and hope that your credentials cross a recruiter’s desk at the same time he/she has an assignment that matches these credentials.

Another 5-Star Amazon Review!

5.0 out of 5 stars: well done., May 10, 2014 — By Mr. C

This review is from:  Consumer Packaged Goods eBook Directory of Search Firms and Recruiters (Job Hunting? Get Your Resume in the Right Hands) (Kindle Edition)

Very current, lots of top high position recruiters listed. All recruiters listed have active web site’s. Some Canadian firms listed too.

5-Star Amazon Review

5.0 out of 5 stars: Outstanding Reference for Job Seekers as well as Recruiters and ManagersNovember 20, 2013 — By Let’s Compare Options “Amazon Rocks” (Worldwide)

This review is from: IT Managers eBook Directory of Search Firms and Recruiters (Job Hunting? Get Your Resume in the Right Hands) (Kindle Edition) 

Custom Databanks has been selling headhunting (and many other) databases and lists since the 1980s. They are one of the most reputable data warehouses around.

Some of the web reviews that trash these directories as “just sales brochures for their lists” are not correct. They even state that CD removes contact info. These are both untrue! Don’t believe me, just use the wonderful Amazon/publisher look inside feature– full profiles and contact data is given.

Now there ARE many more lists on their DBMS, including city by city cuts, etc. and you likely will want to actually buy some of these lists in your niche with the discount code you get with this purchase. But that’s certainly not necessary to get a lot of value from these pubs. This particular one focuses on jobs at 50K or better, but come on, that’s base entry level for programmers with even basic skills! “Big Data” starting salaries are now North of 120K at a lot of firms.

If you’re looking to change jobs or hire, obviously networking comes first, but this is a close second. I have nothing to do with this company, but have used them successfully to recruit in some VERY narrow niches like robotics and digital art programming. Their reps are really customer responsive, and mine even helped find an extremely specialized group of candidate recruiters in tutorial software. Highly recommended for candidates, IT managers and of course headhunters specializing in engineering and IT.


Can You Use Recruiters When You Want to Change Fields?

A job-hunter wrote me that he wanted to change fields and asked if recruiters could help.

My experience is that recruiters work best placing a person in exactly the same sort of job he/she has done before. It is extremely difficult to change industries and/or functions with a recruiter. If you have strong functional credentials, e.g. a CPA, you might be able to change industries for example from a for-profit to a not-for-profit. But if you really want a career direction change, getting introductions and leads from people you know well is the most effective path

If you want to stay in your field, try contacting the recruiters in one of the Free Sample Data Files and Free Samples of our eBook Directories.

How to Use Our Data

A job-hunter who requested a sample from our Data File asked me how to use our data in her job hunt.

The best way is to send email letters to the recruiters listed in the file. Your letter should be a “teaser,” including a summary description of your background and what kind of job you are looking for. You need to give the recruiter just enough information to want to contact you, but not too much to exclude you from a current assignment.

In the end you can only expect the 10-second glance from this sort of query and the hope is that your background matches one or more of the assignments the recruiter is working to fill. Our data files are designed to make this one piece of the job search puzzle easier for you. But in the end it is a ‘numbers game.’ If you have the right credentials and a carefully crafted letter, the more emails you send out, the greater the probability of a response.

Try this with one of our Data File Samples.

Then if you are interested in using the entire data file that matches your job hunting needs, click here to order the complete Data File.