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Sadly there is no easy recipe for finding a job – you have to do everything and do it carefully and without error – call all your friends and relatives then call all their(!) friends and relatives, answer ads, and send out hundreds, even thousands of letters and resumes in a Targeted Direct Email campaign. Our Search System™ databases will help you in that last task – to get your personal cover letter and resume to the search/recruiting and venture capital/PE firms in your field.

The data we supply are widely used by university career offices (Harvard, Stanford, Columbia,) outplacement companies (Lee Hecht Harrison, Career Partners International,) executive search firms (Spencer Stuart, Pearson Partners,) professional resume writers, and individual job hunters.

Our databases are meticulously researched collections of information about the firms we follow. We update our databases continuously as new data become available from our telephone research or from bounces sent to us by users. We update our online system each week.

Our data are available on the Internet, through resume writers, career coaches and data suppliers and through print and eBook directories. The information we provide is the most up-to-date and accurate available.

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