2021 Directories Just Released!

The 2021 editions of our Executive Search and Venture Cap/PE Directories are now available in eBook and paperback formats. We now have directories covering all US regions.

For Search Firms:

Mid-Atlantic States (NJ NY PA)
Midwest States (IA IL IN KS MI MN MO ND NE OH)
Mountain States (AZ CO ID MT NM NV UT WY)
Northeast States (CT MA ME NH RI VT)
Pacific States (AK CA HI OR WA)
South Atlantic States (DC DE FL GA MD NC PR SC VA WV)
South Central States (AL AR KY LA MS OK TN TX)

For Venture Cap/PE Firms

Mid-Atlantic States (NJ NY PA)
Midwest States (IA IL IN KS MI MN MO ND NE OH)
Mountain States (AZ CO ID MT NM NV UT WY)
Northeast States (CT MA ME NH RI VT)
Pacific States (AK CA HI OR WA)
South Atlantic States (DC DE FL GA MD NC PR SC VA WV)
South Central States (AL AR KY LA MS OK TN TX)

A Thanksgiving Compliment

Thanks to John Brubaker of Professional Resumes Plus (https://proresplus.com/) who has been using our recruiter database for his clients for more than 20 years. He sent me the following note:

It is impossible to even conceive of all the good you and your business have done for so many tens of thousands of people. No doubt about it – HUNDREDS of clients of mine got dream jobs solely because of your database and the leads it provided.

A Resume Writer’s Thank You Note

We just did a resume distribution for a resume writer’s client. Here is her email to me a few days after it went out:

Jane, I have to tell you how wonderful the distribution has been to one of my clients. Until the distribution, he was getting lots of attention, but from the wrong type of person. He now has meetings booked all day every day for the next week.

I thought I’d share that with you. I now hear hope and enthusiasm in his voice. And, in fact, he’s now seeing that he was aiming too low. He’s now speaking with PE decision-makers. I’m thrilled for him!

Sending letters and resumes to a targeted group of recruiters can be an effective piece of your job hunt

Just after Thanksgiving, we sent out an email campaign for a job hunter. Here is his email to me:

My email and phone has been blowing up today!  Thank you!

I’ve been on the phone all afternoon with recruiters, trying to answer emails in between. Email campaign obviously got traction.

A few recruiters that I spoke with today were amazed how I found them and they didn’t know they were in your database.  One was the President of the company — he called me directly!

Thx again!

There is NO wrong time to look for a job

It is a common myth that holidays are a bad time to look for a job. Not true – and especially not true at this time of year. Actual hiring may be slow during the holidays, but January is a peak hiring month and candidates who network during the holidays can have an edge for that hiring.

So don’t stop just because the holiday lights are up. Keep calling friends and relatives, answer ads and send your resume to recruiters in a carefully targeted direct email campaign.

What Subject Line Should I Use in my Resume Distribution?

This is is a question job-hunters often ask.  And if they don’t ask it they should!

The email subject line should be interesting and compelling enough to make the recruiter want to read your email letter and your resume.

Use an email subject which describes you or the position you are seeking. For example, Senior R&D Professional or New Graduate Seeking Sales Position.

Non-specific subjects like Looking for a New Job or My Resume will not be enticing enough to encourage recruiters to open your email. In many cases, the title line (or a descriptive phrase) from your resume works well as the subject line for your emails.

An IT Sales professional just wrote us about our resume distribution service

Wanted to provide some feedback on the email distro …

The results have far exceeded my expectations!   Very few bounce backs (2 at most), a fair amount of “out of office” replies but plenty of connections!  I’ve opened 5 job opportunities this week which is very encouraging!  I just forwarded your website to a friend who will be starting a job search in the near future!

Great product!

I want to stay in Chicago, why should I send my resume to recruiters in Los Angeles?

A recruiter in Los Angeles or New York or Dallas or Atlanta could be working on an assignment in Chicago. The recruiter will contact you if you are a match for the assignment, regardless of location. If you are location-restricted, state that in your cover letter. But even if you cannot relocate, becoming known to recruiters who work in your field is a good job-hunting strategy.

Can recruiters help me find a job?

Job hunters need to understand that recruiters work for companies not for job-hunters. Sending targeted emails to recruiters is one piece of a job hunt and we make it very easy to send out these emails out. But like any targeted marketing campaign they depend in part on serendipity. The mailings are done with the intent and hope that your credentials cross a recruiter’s desk at the same time he/she has an assignment that matches these credentials.