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>>> Michelle Deatherage of  D&S Executive Career Management just worked with a senior HR executive on a resume distribution. Here is her feedback:

I wanted to share a really positive story with you about the database. It worked for ESB! She landed a job from one of the contacts she made through the distribution. How cool.

Thanks for all your support on these. The clients love doing them and this makes me excited about doing even more

>>> Peter Newfield, President of  Career-Resumes® just worked with a senior IT professional on a resume distribution. Here is her feedback:

I just wanted you  to know that I am getting a lot of interest from the people on  the e-mail distribution list. Thank you for a great resume and for recommending Jane’s company. Thank you Jane for sending out my information.

I will keep you posted! I believe this will turn out to be the best money that I’ve invested as I look at the next phase of my career!

 >>> A Healthcare Executive just sent us an email about our recruiter resume distribution service:

I have at least 20 responses already and three appointments set up! This is really something! Thank you so much! This was JQ’s idea and I am very grateful.

>>> Rosemarie Ginsburg, President of Game Changing Resumes recently sent out an email distribution to recruiters and venture cap/PE professionals for a client. Here is Rosemarie’s feedback:

“Happy Friday :).  Just wanted to let you know VK is delighted with the distributions, especially the venture cap/PE. Already getting responses.”

>>> Kimberly Robb Baker, President of THIS LITTLE BRAND recently sent out an email distribution to recruiters. Here is Kim’s feedback:

“the distribution went out Thursday EOD, and she has two interviews lined up for next week, so yippee!”

>>> An IT Sales professional just wrote us about our recruiter resume distribution service:

Wanted to provide some feedback on the email distro …

The results have far exceeded my expectations!   Very few bounce backs (2 at most), a fair amount of “out of office” replies but plenty of connections!  I’ve opened 5 job opportunities this week which is very encouraging!  I just forwarded your website to a friend who will be starting a job search in the near future!

Great product!

>>> Thank you to Clark Hansen for posting this 4-star review:

This review is for:  2017 CXO: C-Level Executives Directory of Search Firms and Recruiters: Job Hunting? Get Your Resume in the Right Hands (Kindle Edition)

Useful by on June 20, 2017 Format: Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase

Great resource. Puts everything into a single place. Information can be utilized immediately and acted upon. Very practical reference tool.


Peter Newfield, President of  Career-Resumes® just worked with a senior level sales executive on a resume distribution. Here Peter’s feedback:

“Just heard from a senior level operations and manufacturing executive who used both your executive search and venture cap/PE resume distribution services. Here is what he wrote me:  Thanks, Peter. Your process worked. I had at least 75 responses to the email campaign.

 >>> Thank you to Let’s Compare Options “Amazon Rocks” for posting this 5-star review:

5.0 out of 5 stars: Outstanding Reference for Job Seekers as well as Recruiters and ManagersNovember 20, 2013 — By Let’s Compare Options “Amazon Rocks” (Worldwide)

This review is for an earlier edition of: 2017 IT Managers eBook Directory of Search Firms and Recruiters (Job Hunting? Get Your Resume in the Right Hands) (Kindle Edition) 

Custom Databanks has been selling headhunting (and many other) databases and lists since the 1980s. They are one of the most reputable data warehouses around.

Some of the web reviews that trash these directories as “just sales brochures for their lists” are not correct. They even state that CD removes contact info. These are both untrue! Don’t believe me, just use the wonderful Amazon/publisher look inside feature– full profiles and contact data is given.Now there ARE many more lists on their DBMS, including city by city cuts, etc. and you likely will want to actually buy some of these lists in your niche with the discount code you get with this purchase. But that’s certainly not necessary to get a lot of value from these pubs. This particular one focuses on jobs at 50K or better, but come on, that’s base entry level for programmers with even basic skills! “Big Data” starting salaries are now North of 120K at a lot of firms.

If you’re looking to change jobs or hire, obviously networking comes first, but this is a close second. I have nothing to do with this company, but have used them successfully to recruit in some VERY narrow niches like robotics and digital art programming. Their reps are really customer responsive, and mine even helped find an extremely specialized group of candidate recruiters in tutorial software. Highly recommended for candidates, IT managers and of course headhunters specializing in engineering and IT.

>>> Lorraine Rise of Career UpRising, LLC just sent out email distributions for two clients. Here is what she wrote:

has already had multiple responses this morning asking for phone calls! Wow

Also, J said he at least got responses, even if they didn’t have a role at the moment. So the emails are being opened and read and he’s encouraged by that.

>>> A Real Estate professional just sent us an email about our recruiter resume distribution service:

Thank you for distributing my resume … The responses have been quick and overwhelming.

>>> Michelle Kaufmann, President of MK Resume Service & Career Coaching recently worked with a senior level executive. The target was 2,200 recruiters who specialize in senior level telecom positions. Here is her feedback:

“Give yourself a 5-star review! I talked to my client recently and he told me he received quite a bit of interest after the resume distribution went out. He hasn’t found the perfect job yet, but I’m hoping after the holidays he will see more results.”

>>> Peter Newfield, President of  Career-Resumes® just worked with a senior level sales executive on a resume distribution. Here is that executive’s feedback:

I must say this is pretty impressive and appreciate your help yesterday and today.  Regardless of my own success from this or not, I think there is value in using this service and will certainly recommend. Here is a breakdown of the results so far:

~40 responses so far, but not a fit and will keep on file (as expected)

10 responses with automatic out of office replies

2 meetings scheduled to talk about a possible opportunity

0 bounces

>>> Thank you to Erin Kennedy, President of Professional Resume Services, for this Linkedin recommendation.

“I can’t thank Jane enough. Her database has helped many of my clients find new jobs. It is a fantastic way to network and make new connections, especially for those who wouldn’t normally have access to recruiters. Jane is wonderful to work with and very helpful. She truly has the jobseekers interest in mind. I am very grateful to Jane and her program.” April 3, 2011

Erin Kennedy, CPRW, CERW
President / Executive Resume Writer / Career Consultant/ Resume Whisperer, Professional Resume Services, Inc.

>>> Thank you to John Brubaker, owner of Professional Resume Plus, LLC for this Linkedin recommendation.

“Custom Databanks has been the exclusive provider for executive search firm and venture capital firm databases for Professional Resume Plus, LLC for the past fifteen years. These products allows our company to provide our clients with precisely targeted contact lists of recruiters and venture capitalists, based on the clients background and search requirements.

These databases have given our business a vital dimension of value-added service to our clients. I have no idea how many of our clients have secured career-defining jobs through the use of these databases, but it is a large number. Some of the individual success stories are simply inspiring. I think of the executive who had spent two years on assignment in Europe, returned to Connecticut, and had a dream of relocating his family back to his native mid-west. He landed his dream job through a contact supplied to us by Custom Databanks.

These databases also give clients who may be fearful about beginning a job search a sense of empowerment, and often some early momentum in their searches. I cannot imagine Professional Resume Plus, LLC not having this resource as a part of our business.

Driving all of this is Jane Lockshin, who has been for more than a decade a delight to work with. Prompt. Courteous. Professional. A business woman of great integrity and ability. Her vision for her products and the outstanding execution of that vision makes Custom Databanks the best in their business.

It is a wonderful thing in business to not only have a “vendor” but a real strategic partner who helps us achieve our goals through greater service to our clients. I could not recommend Jane or Custom Databanks products highly enough.

John K. Brubaker
Professional Resume Plus, LLC
968 Farmington Avenue, Suite 207
West Hartford, CT 06107” March 29, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

>>> Rebecca Stokes, President of The Advantage, Inc. worked with a Senior Purchasing & Supply Chain Executive. The target audience was 500 Executive Recruiters in his industry and position specialties. Here’s what she told us:

“Within 24 hours, 45 recruiters acknowledged receipt of the documents. 10 Recruiters followed up with him immediately including four phone calls. He talked with two Managing Partners from Russell Reynolds who were supply chain specialists and sent information on three different positions – letting the client chose which one(s) he was most interested in!

Overall, the client had a 25%+ return rate within one week on a distribution method that was approximately 1/3 the cost of traditional print mail.”

Becky also told us about a 1000 piece email campaign to Executive Recruiters for a Senior Finance Executive:

“My client wanted the ‘mass mail’ effect without the cost. That is what sold him on the service. However, the response was what surprised him.  Out of the transmission, there were 300+ instant replies, numerous phone calls and 25 job opportunities, all within the first 24 hours. My client told me he should have taken the day off from work to field all of the responses!“

>>> Rebecca Stokes, President of The Advantage, Inc. 

Wow! I just used your e-mail distribution service for one client who was so thrilled with the results she recommended it to a friend who is also searching and the friend called me up immediately. We finished e-mailing hers and within 24 hours she was getting responses.

This is absolutely one of the easiest to sell, fastest to deliver and most profitable add-on services I could offer my clients. The data is clean and reliable and clients get IMMEDIATE feedback. Not only are my clients thrilled with the service, but I love it. I can do the e-mail distribution myself and sell the services directly or just send the information in and YourMissingLink will handle it all.

Thank you so much for developing this wonderful addition to my business!

>>> Laurie Smith, President of Creative Keystrokes recently sent out 153 emails to recruiters for a client who is a direct mail marketer. Laurie emailed us the following message:

“Early results were good. After the first batch of 58, I received a call from my client about 45 minutes later saying he guessed that I must’ve done his mailing because he’d already received 7 requests for more information.”

In her email the next day, Laurie wrote:
“Just got more feedback – he’s had 4 more calls today, 2 of them “hot prospects.”

Then 2 weeks later, Laurie wrote:
“My client got back to me and said he’s had quite a few nibbles and some good bites from the emailing we did.”

>>> Laurie Smith, Creative Keystrokes, Alexandria VA 

“My client is located in Dallas and was looking for a senior level position (Director of Operations) in either Dallas or Denver. I obtained a targeted email list for the states of Texas and Colorado and after sending out the email campaign my client received many phone calls and communications and was able to set up several interviews. It only took two weeks for my client to be offered a new job. That’s pretty quick turnaround if you ask me! While my client’s situation may not be typical I feel strongly that with the right resume and targeted email campaign that others could obtain the same quick results.

>>> Thank you to Mr C for posting this 5-star review:

5.0 out of 5 stars: well done., May 10, 2014 — By Mr. C

This review is for an earlier edition of:  2017 Consumer Packaged Goods eBook Directory of Search Firms and Recruiters (Job Hunting? Get Your Resume in the Right Hands) (Kindle Edition)

Very current, lots of top high position recruiters listed. All recruiters listed have active web site’s. Some Canadian firms listed too.