What are the industry / position codes?

We provide industry / position category lists which are broadly defined and sometimes overlapping for a reason. When Custom Databanks researchers talk to a firm, they ask what the firm specializes in and then translate the response to our categories. Over time, we add categories when companies start to mention a specialty we do not have in our database.

  • For example after 9-11, security, security services, homeland security became a specialty that many firms mentioned. We did not have security services in our database categories, so of course we added it.
  • For example, when Custom Databanks started the recruiter database in 1986, there was no internet. We listed computer services as a broad category encompassing, data centers, data input, and programming for big computers, etc. Then we added the internet and World Wide Web as new categories.

In summary, our categories are broad and broadly defined. If you think one of them applies to your experience, use it. Just make sure you don’t pick every category, choose just a handful to make sure your campaigns are clearly and narrowly targeted.


Industry and Position Codes / Descriptions

Industry Code Description Position Code Description
ACC accounting ACC accounting
ADV advertising, public relations ACT actuaries
AER aerospace ADM administration
AGR agriculture/business ADV advertising
APP apparel AFF affirmative action/diversity/multicultural
ARC Architects ARC architects
AUT automotive, motor vehicles, truc AUD auditing
BAN banking AUT automation
BIO biotechnology/equipment BOD board of directors
BOA boats/marine CAL call centers
BRK brokers CAS cash management
BRO broadcasting, media, TV/radio/ca CNS consulting
BUI building products/systems COP copyright/trademark
CHM chemicals COR corporate/investor relations
CMM communications, telecommunications CRE credit and collections
CMP computers DES design
CNS construction DEV development/fund raising
CON consumer DRI drivers
CPG consumer packaged goods ECO economics
CRE credit/credit card EDU education/training
CSG consulting, management consulting ENG engineering
CSM cosmetics, perfume, soap ENV environmental
DEF defense FIN financial
DIR direct marketing GEN general management/most positions
DP computer services, data processing, IT GRA graphic arts/design
ED education, higher education HRS human resources
ELC electronics, semiconductors IND industrial labor
ENG engineering INT international
ENR energy LAB laboratory personnel
ENT entertainment, film, gaming LAW lawyers/paralegals
ENV environmental LOG logistics/material management
EQ equipment, machinery MNA mergers & acquisitions
ESS executive search/staffing MAN manufacturing
FIN financial services MAR marketing
FOD food and beverages MED medical/physicians/nurses/therapists
FOR forest products/pulp/paper/lumber MER merchandising
FRA franchising MIS MIS/information technology
FRN furniture and fixtures, lighting MRE market/product research
GEN generalist, most industries NET networks/lan/wan
GOV government, public administration NUR nursing
HEA healthcare/hospitals, medical OPS operations
HIT hi-tech ORE operations research
HRS human resource services PAC packaging
HSP hospitality, hotels/restaurants PHR pharmacists
IND industrial PHY physicians
INR instruments, measuring & test eq PLN planning
INS insurance PMN project management
INT international PRE public relations
INV investment banks PRO process control
LAB laboratories PUR purchasing
LAW law firms QUA quality
LEA leasing RND research & development
LEI leisure/recreation REG regulatory affairs
LOW low tech industries RIS risk management
MAN manufacturing SAF safety
MAR marketing SAL sales
MAT specialty materials SEC security
MCA managed care SEN senior management
MDE medical devices TAX taxes
MET metals TEC technical/scientific
MIN mining TEL telecommunications
MOR mortgage industry TEM temporary/interim/contract placement
NAT natural resources THE therapists
NP non-profits TRA traders
ONG oil & gas VEN venture capital
PAC packaging
PAP paper
PHR drugs, pharmaceuticals
PLS plastics
PRN printing
PUB publishing
REA real estate
RND research and development
RTL retail trade
RUB rubber
SEC security services/products
SER services
SFT software
SPO sports
STO aggregates, stone/gravel/silica
TEX textiles
TRA travel
TRN transportation
UTI utilities
VEN venture capital/private equity
WAS hazardous waste, waste
WHL wholesale trade
WIR wireless communications
WWW e-commerce, internet, new media