How do I use the keyword search option?

    Use keyword searches only for more narrow categories that are not included in the industry and position codes.

    For example, the jewelry industry is not listed in the industries category list. Recruiters who specialize in retail or consumer could also be jewelry industry specialists. But that exact narrow category “jewelry” is not in the industry list. Neither is the SAP position category. Recruiters who specialize in IT programmers could also be SAP position specialists, but the category “SAP programmer” is not in the position list.

    It is important to note that the keywords you enter are not restricted by the salary, geography or other selection criteria in your subset. And keywords are not case sensitive. So here is what you should do to use the keyword search option:

    1. First choose and save/download a subset that uses the industry, position, salary range, geography and other restrictions that are of primary interest.
    2. Then clear the form and use more narrow categories in the keyword search for a 2nd subset and data download.
    3. Finally you can combine the two data downloads in excel and sort and filter on email address to eliminate duplicates