A Resume Writer’s Opinion

Out of the blue, I received this email from John Brubaker, a resume writer who has been using my data for more than 20 years!

Just a quick thank you for what an extraordinary product you deliver.  Had it not been for Custom Databanks – many DOZENS of my clients over the years would have not gotten the job of their dreams.  Your outstanding product unlocks the “hidden job market” – and makes it possible for people who are great candidates to connect with opportunities they NEVER WOULD HAVE HEARD OF.  As I was using your amazing database on behalf of a client – it just struck me again what a blessing it is to have Custom Databanks not only as a “vendor” but as a valued Strategic Partner of my business.

John K. Brubaker

Principal, Professional Resume Plus, LLC

968 Farmington Avenue, #207

West Hartford, CT 06107